Sampling Scopes Extend To 20 GHz

July 31, 2013
A line of sampling oscilloscopes uses low-cost technology to measure input bandwidths to 20 GHz.

The PicoScope 9300 line of oscilloscopes from Saelig Co. save on expensive real-time sampling hardware by using sequential sampling to measure high-speed repetitive signals. The scopes can grab signals at input bandwidths to 20 GHz and with rise times to 17.5 ps using a sampling adapter that attaches to a standard personal computer (PC). In addition, these instruments achieve time-base stability and accuracy to a resolution of 64 fs, for accurate characterization of clock jitter. The 16-b oscilloscopes boast 60-dB dynamic range and are well suited for many advanced applications, including signal analysis, timing analysis, network analysis, and semiconductor testing.

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