Software Package Digitally Constructs IoT Systems

May 16, 2023
Renesas Electronics’ Quick-Connect Studio is a cloud-based platform that enables users to validate prototypes and improve product development.

This video appeared in Electronic Design and has been published here with permission.

This video is part of the TechXchange: The Internet of Things (IoT).

Renesas Electronics' Quick-Connect Studio is an online design platform that can graphically build hardware and software for faster prototyping and product development. The platform lets users drag-and-drop device and subsystem blocks to build their solution, automatically generating, compiling, and building the software for no-code development.

Built on the Quick-Connect IoT platform, the solution enables users to go from subsystems to a full working solution in minutes, while graphically configuring the hardware to match real-world expectations. It also supports standard hardware interfaces to facilitate mixing and matching of multiple boards.

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