Image courtesy of Remcom Incorporated.

Software Helps Optimize Matching Circuit Elements

June 8, 2015
This add-on module to a popular CAE software tool simplifies and improves the antenna design process.

A new circuit element optimizer for the XFdtd Electromagnetic Simulation Software provides the capability to optimize impedance matching circuits for several antennas serving multiple bands simultaneously. The XFdtd Circuit Element Optimizer software determines lumped-element values based on a number of different goals, including radiation efficiency, system efficiency, and S-parameters. The software helps simplify antenna design by allowing circuit elements to remain in the electromagnetic (EM) layout of an antenna design during the optimization process. Typical antenna matching circuits have been optimized in schematic diagrams that are separated from the EM simulations for the antenna. The new software enables designers to optimize lumped-circuit elements directly on a physical matching circuit layout, taking into account both EM coupling from multiple antennas and ground return current paths. The new Circuit Element Optimizer is available as an add-on module for the XFdtd CAE software. 

Remcom, Inc., 315 South Allen St., Ste. 416, State College, PA 16801; (814) 861-1299.

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