A band-pass filter with ring resonator topology synthesized with Filter Designer 2D.

Design Tool Streamlines Planar-Filter Development Workflow

Oct. 3, 2014
The addition of Filter Designer 2D to CST’s Studio Suite enables the creation of fully parametric filter models for circuit simulation or full-wave 3D simulation.

Computer Simulation Technology (CST) added Filter Designer 2D to CST Studio Suite, allowing for the synthesis, electromagnetic simulation, optimization, and multiphysics analysis of filters with a single tool. Filter Designer 2D includes a database of a wide variety of filter types, including both lumped element and distributed element implementations. Users can input the filter’s specifications—including frequency response and physical limitations—and the software will automatically suggest a design. Fully parametric models of the design can be created for either circuit simulation or full-wave 3D simulation. CST’s system assembly and modeling (SAM) design-automation framework facilitates model simulation and optimization when fine-tuning performance, taking into account unforeseen coupling between elements. SAM can also be used to integrate the filter models into larger systems.

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