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Passive Component Library Expands

Feb. 26, 2014
Many new passive-component software models have been developed as the result of a partnership between modeling specialist Modelithics and components supplier AVX Corp.

By means of a new collaboration between passive components supplier AVX Corp. and software modeling specialist Modelithics, a significantly larger number of software models for AVX components is now available from Modelithics for use in computer simulations. The new models can be found in the Modelithics Passive Components (CLR) Library, the System Level Component (SLC) Library, and the AVX sub-library. The new models add to the collection of more than 20 AVX surface-mount capacitor and inductor models already available in these libraries.

The partnership is part of the Strategic Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) Program, and will add 25 more capacitor and inductor models, including those base on thin-film, ceramic, and multilayer-organic technologies. All of the Modelithics AVX component libraries are compatible with the Advanced Design System (ADS) and Genesys simulation software packages from Agilent Technologies and with Microwave Office from AWR Corp.

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