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Development Software Addresses MIMO Testing

Oct. 10, 2013
EMSCAN has released updated versions of their multiple-antenna system development software that now includes MIMO data.

In order to address multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) antenna testing, EMSCAN ( has released RFX2 and RFxpert 4.0; updated versions of their development software. RFX2 now has the capability of calculating pattern correlation and envelope correlation in multiple-antenna systems, with those coefficients then being used in calculation of MIMO diversity gain and channel capacity for specific wireless channels. The update to RFxpert 4.0 includes new features such as MIMO data, user requested enhancements, and a number of accuracy improvements. The expansions aim to speed up the development process and complement existing real-time measurements and display of the near- and far-field characteristics of multiple-antenna systems, notably in MIMO configurations.

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