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Companies Partner to Streamline Filter Design Software

June 3, 2013
Modelithics and Nuhertz have combined their high accuracy component models and filter design software to optimize the capability of synthesizing filter circuits for microwave and RF designs.

Modelithics has joined forces with Nuhertz, combining their component models with Nuhertz’s filter design software.  The collaboration allows Nuhertz designers access to proven high-frequency models, allowing for a quicker and more valuable design process. The partnership benefits the microwave design environment as a whole; allowing complex LC filters to be enacted in a single pass, from synthesis to final circuit.

The extensive capacitive-inductive-resistive (CLR) Library within the Modelithics system provides a wealth of models perfectly suited for Nuhertz’s passive-filter design capabilities. Integrating the two is highly scalable and since the models used are already tried and true, limits the capacity for errors.

The alliance is another example of the companies’ dedication to the industry and their recognition of its needs, from the requirement for high-accuracy models to cutting edge programs improving the design, customization, and performance of filter systems.

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