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Two-Way Divider/Combiner Cuts Loss from 8 to 18 GHz

April 22, 2019
Able to manage 30 W CW input power, MECA Electronics' broadband, coaxial two-way power divider/combiner covers 8 to 18 GHz.

Model 802-2-13.000 is a coaxial power divider/combiner rated to handle 30 W CW input power from 8 to 18 GHz. The worst-case insertion loss above the theoretical 3-dB power split is 0.6 dB. All output, power-combining ports are in phase, with worst-case phase difference of 5 deg. between ports, and all ports at a nominal impedance of 50 Ω. The amplitude balance is ±0.2 dB or better. The power combiner/divider exhibits maximum input VSWR of 1.35:1 and maximum output VSWR of 1.40:1. Minimum isolation between ports is 20 dB. The power divider/combiner, which is packed in a RoHS-compliant aluminum housing measuring 1.00 × 1.00 × 0.50 in., is supplied with female SMA passivated stainless-steel connectors that have gold-plated beryllium copper connector pins. Operating temperature range is −55 to +85°C.

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