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Mixer Translates Signals To 32 GHz

June 11, 2013
A subharmonic mixer handles upconversion and downconversion across a frequency range of 14 to 32 GHz.

Model MAMX-011009 from MACOM Technology Solutions is a broadband, subharmonic pumped mixer; it can be used for upconversion and downconversion with RF/LO frequencies from 14 to 32 GHz and intermediate frequencies (IFs) from DC to 7 GHz. The mixer is supplied in a TDFN surface-mount housing measuring just 1.5 x 1.2 mm and is designed to work with local-oscillator (LO) power of +15 dBm. The proper LO levels can be reached with the company’s model MAAM-011101 4-to-20-GHz buffer amplifier. The model MAMX-011009 mixer exhibits conversion loss of 10 dB with typical LO-to-RF isolation of 25 dB and achieves typical input third-order intercept point (IP3) for downconversion of +12 dBm and typical IP3 for upconversion of +14 dBm. According to Product Manager Amer Droubi, “The MAAM-011009 was designed engineer-to-engineer with low cost and ease of use in mind. In addition to the ultra small size and the inherit advantages of its subharmonic topology, this broadband mixer enables customers to design systems with high IF requirements—to 5.8 GHz in IEEE802.11 based radios.”

MACOM Technology Solutions, Inc., 100 Chelmsford St., Lowell, MA 01851; (978) 656-2500.

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