Dividers And Terminations Cut Costs To 8 GHz

Feb. 28, 2005
These inexpensive components target the needs of the many commercial applications in which cost as well as performance is a critical issue.

Microwave power dividers and terminations may represent simple functions, but achieving broadband performance with such components is never trivial. Doing this while also keeping costs to a minimum requires attention to everything from materials and component choices to fabrication techniques. The 4436 Series power dividers and T-SMA and T-N Series terminations from Narda Microwave-East (Hauppauge, NY) achieve these conflicting goals with low loss and prodigious power-handling capabilities.

The 4436 Series power dividers are available in four standard configurations including models with two, three, four, or eight outputs. Broadband performance is achieved through the use of multisection impedance transformers with resistors between each section to achieve optimal isolation and output match—a broadband adaptation of the Wilkinson approach applied to multiple outputs. The dividers that exhibit low insertion loss and high isolation from 0.7 to 8 GHz.

The dividers handle 30 W CW power when output ports are properly matched. SMA female connectors are used on all ports. The units range in size from 4.25 × 1.5 in. to 5.5 × 8.0 in. (see table).

The 50-Ω terminations include the T-SMA-17-18-1 (SMA male connectors) and five models in the T-N-17-6 Series (Type N male connectors). The T-SMA-17-18-1 is rated from DC to 18 GHz and has a VSWR of less than 1.05:1 to 8 GHz, 1.10:1 to 12 GHz, and 1.20:1 at 18 GHz. It handles an average RF input power of 1 W at +25šC. The T-N-17-6 Series 50-ohm RF terminations cover DC to 6 GHz, and are available with average RF power handling capability of 2 W, 5 W, 25 W, 50 W, and 100 W. Typical VSWR of these N type terminations is no greater than 1.1:1 from DC to 3 GHz. From 3 to 6 GHz, VSWR performance varies from 1.20:1 to 1.35:1 across the models. Narda Microwave-East, an L-3 Communications Co., 435 Moreland Rd., Hauppauge, NY 11788, (631) 231-1700, FAX: (631) 231-1390, Internet: www.nardamicrowave.com/east.

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