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New 8-Mpixel Image Sensor Delivers 4K Video Quality

May 4, 2023
Developed by onsemi, the imaging sensor can capture 4K video in adverse lighting conditions.

An 8-Mpixel image sensor from onsemi is capable of producing 4K video in harsh lighting conditions. The AR0822’s embedded high dynamic range (eHDR) and optimized near-infrared (NIR) make it well-suited for applications in poor lighting conditions, including surveillance, doorbell cameras, body cameras, and robotics. The sensor also packs low-power and wake-on-motion features, reducing its overall power consumption.

The AR0822 was designed using a stacked 1/1.8-in. (8.81 mm diagonal) back-side illuminated (BSI) CMOS digital image sensor based upon a 2.0-µm pixel. This allows it to drive an active pixel array of 3840 × 2160, produce 4K video at 60 fps, and capture images in linear or eHDR modes (120 dB) with a rolling-shutter readout. This mitigates LED flicker effects when using multiple images and eliminates motion blur associated with multi-image HDR.

One of the main challenges of using modern imagers is operating in adverse lighting conditions, especially cameras that use HDR with prominent light and dark areas. Some HDR techniques rely on multi-exposure outputs or those that use three or more images with different exposures to create a scene.

Image signal processors (ISPs) combine those images to produce a final render, which eats bandwidth and time, certainly when higher resolutions are involved. The AR0822 is outfitted with embedded HDR technology on the sensor itself, which helps reduce processing power while producing exceptional images without the need for high bandwidth.

“The AR0822 delivers industry-leading performance in low-light conditions while enabling our customers to achieve the 120 dB of eHDR they need with lower system power and cost,” stated Ross Jatou, senior VP at onsemi’s Intelligent Sensing Group. “This combination creates a strong value proposition for our customers to meet market trends for more advanced imaging with energy-conscious solutions and longer battery life.”

To achieve that low-power usage and long battery life, the AR0822 optimizes system power using features such as wake-on-motion, which places the sensor in hibernation until movement is detected within its field of view (FOV). That being said, the sensor also provides enhanced NIR sensitivity and additional functions such as binning and windowing. It’s able to handle rugged environments and can operate in temperatures ranging from 30 to 85°C, making it ideal for industrial and outdoor use.

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