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K-band Waveguide Components Head for Space

July 27, 2021
A lineup of WR51 isolators, circulators, transitions, and loads stands ready for satellite-communication duties.

Smiths Interconnect has launched a broad range of K-band waveguide components for satellite communication payloads in GEO/MEO and LEO orbits. These highly compact and ruggedized waveguide components are rigorously qualified for spacecraft use in the company’s state-of-the-art test and qualification laboratory in Dundee, Scotland. Qualification for spacecraft use is completed for each product and comprises sine and random vibration; mechanical shock; and, where appropriate, RF power thermal vacuum (TVAC) testing, average power and multipaction, and critical power testing.

In rolling out the K-band waveguide components, Smiths Interconnect builds on a history of more than 30 years of producing space-qualified waveguide components. The WR51 waveguide products are tuneless and optimized to operate over broad assigned bands. They are provided with a standard clear passivation coating but can be supplied with low-emissivity black paint finish if desired. Their design is optimized for reliability and to minimize cost and application risks.

The broadband, temperature-stable components require few part options to address the allocated frequency range. Among them are WR51 isolators, circulators, terminations, transitions, and loads that are available in mechanical variants on request. Sample data and test reports are available to assist the design and qualification process.