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Long-Travel Linear Positioner Eliminates Wear

May 13, 2020
The high-load linear stage is based on a zero-wear, non-contact electrodynamic 3-phase motor.

The V-417 PIMag high-load linear stage is based on a zero-wear, non-contact, ironless, electrodynamic 3-phase linear motor and has no mechanical components in the drivetrain. Force is transmitted to the motion platform directly and without friction. Available in versions with up to 32 inches of travel (813mm), it can achieve velocities of up to 79”/sec (2m/sec). The stage is available with either non-contact absolute linear encoder (1-nm resolution) or an incremental linear encoder (0.3-nm resolution), and it employs heavy-duty recirculating ball bearings in the stage guides. A covering strip on the side of the stage and a purge air connection prevent contamination by particulates. Single and multi-channel controller options are available, and PI can modify the V-417 to fit a customer’s needs.

PI,  www.pi-usa.us