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Microwave Modules Drive 100 W to 96 GHz

June 2, 2015
This pair of microwave power modules provides high power levels through millimeter-wave frequencies to 96 GHz.

Two microwave power modules (MPMs) have been developed for millimeter-wave applications at E- and W-band frequencies. The E-band unit provides 50 W output power from 81 to 86 GHz while the W-band unit delivers 100 W output power from 92 to 96 GHz. These are complete amplifier subsystems with size, weight, and power (SWaP) advantages, making them well suited for airborne applications. They operate from a conventional +28-VDC power supply and can handle altitudes to 50,000 ft. and operating temperatures of -40 to +80°C. The basic form factor of these amplifier modules measures 14.5 × 8.50 × 3.30 in. and weighs 20 lb.

L-3 Electron Devices, 960 Industrial Rd., San Carlos, CA 94070; (650) 486-5585

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