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SP20T PIN Diode Switch Channels 4 to 18 GHz

July 13, 2015
This absorptive SP20T switch cuts insertion loss from 4 to 18 GHz.

Model P20T-4G8G-80-T-515-SFF is an absorptive, single-pole, 20-throw (SP20T) PIN diode switch designed for use from 4 to 18 GHz. It maintains insertion loss at 4 dB or less and provides 80-dB isolation. The SP20T switch achieves 2-μs switching speed (50% TTL to 90% RF or 10% to 90% RF) with maximum VSWR of 2.0:1. It incorporates a TTL-compatible driver for ease of system integration and works with 5-b decoded TTL control. The switching runs on 300 mA at +5 V dc and 200 mA at +15 V dc, and is rated for an operating temperature range of –20 to +85°C. It comes with SMA female connectors.

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