Free EM Simulator Available As Download

Sonnet Lite Release 12 from Sonnet Software is now available for free download. The no-charge three-dimensional (3D) planar electromagnetic (EM) simulator is an excellent training and learning tool for those new to the analysis capabilities of EM simulation software. It is a fully functional software program based on the company's full-featured Sonnet Professional Suite of EM analysis and simulation software tools. Sonnet Lite can be used as a stand-alone program or within the Advanced Design System (ADS) environment from Agilent Technologies or the Microwave Office environment from Applied Wave Research (AWR).

According to Shawn Carpenter, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Sales for Sonnet, "We're proud to provide a leading-edge virtual prototyping' tool for the student and experimenter in high-frequency planar circuits, packages, and antennas. Sonnet maintains our commitment to students and learners through free access to top-notch high-frequency electromagnetic software." The planar EM software is ideal for performing transmission-line or discontinuity analysis and is available for free download from the Sonnet Software web site.

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