Qualcommrsquos AllPlay platform enables a variety of audio options including Bluetooth to WiFi restreaming of local and cloudbased music Image courtesy of Qualcomm
<p>Qualcomm&rsquo;s AllPlay platform enables a variety of audio options including Bluetooth to Wi-Fi re-streaming of local and cloud-based music. (Image courtesy of Qualcomm)</p>

Platform Enables Bluetooth to Wi-Fi Audio Re-Streaming

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to infiltrate every aspect of our lives, some applications are exploiting its entertainment-oriented aspects. To cite one example, Qualcomm Connected Experiences (a subsidiary of Qualcomm Inc.) recently announced new features to the AllPlay smart media platform, including Bluetooth-to-Wi-Fi re-streaming, custom audio settings, and optimized synchronization.

The AllPlay platform provides users with multiple streaming options—all local or cloud-based music on a smartphone can be streamed to any Bluetooth-compatible AllPlay speaker, then re-streamed over Wi-Fi to multiple AllPlay speakers harmoniously. This allows for wireless connectivity to individual speakers or an entire audio system over an existing Wi-Fi network, providing an advantage over Bluetooth-only speakers. The platform is built on the AllJoyn software framework, an open-source project headed by the AllSeen Alliance.

With enhanced custom audio settings, manufacturers now have the ability to provide greater control of the music-listening experience with custom sound equalization settings and channel selection capabilities. AllPlay also supports synchronization between devices of under 100 microseconds, making it suitable for both multi-room and multi-channel audio streaming. AllPlay also supports line-in to Wi-Fi re-streaming, allowing manufacturers to build AllPlay-powered devices that take in audio from line-in sources (such as CD players and turntables) with the ability to re-stream to other speakers around the home. Hitachi America, ASUSTeK, Vestel, and Magnat all have plans to introduce AllPlay products into their ecosystems.

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