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Modelithics Releases Version 19.6 of the COMPLETE+3D Library for ANSYS HFSS

This latest version, which includes 117 new full-wave electromagnetic models, features a large selection of highly scalable models for capacitor, inductor, and resistor families.

Modelithics recently announced the release of version 19.6 of its COMPLETE+3D Library for use with ANSYS HFSS, which houses 117 new full-wave 3D electromagnetic (EM) models.

The library’s extended selection of highly scalable models for capacitor, inductor, and resistor families draws from many popular vendors. It also includes an expanding collection of Modelithics’ 3D geometry models for Coilcraft and TDK inductors, as well as a connector model for SV Microwave. Version 19.6 features 15 new part value-, pad-, and substrate-scalable models in addition to the 117 new full-wave 3D EM models.

New scalable circuit models include five for Knowles (4 DLI and 1 Syfer), as well as models for Exxelia and Würth Elektronik capacitor families. On top of that, the release presents three new inductor models for Coilcraft, a Vishay FC0402 resistor series model, and two capacitor and three inductor models for Würth Elektronik families.

Through the Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) program, 90-day free model use is being sponsored by Coilcraft, TDK, and Würth Elektronik. In addition, 30-day trials are offered by Exxelia and Vishay, as well as Knowles for the DLI and Syfer models. To request a dedicated vendor trial of one of these selected MVPs, visit

For more information about this new release or to request a free trial, visit the Modelithics website or contact the company at [email protected].

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