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EM Software Receives Upgrade

EM Software Receives Upgrade

A new release of an EM propagation software adds several tools to help in-building analysis and construction.

A new version of the Wireless InSite® electromagnetic (EM) propagation software from Remcom boasts new capabilities for statistical modeling of parameter uncertainty, calculation of maximum permissible exposure to EM radiation based on IEEE standard C95.1-2005, and a new outdoor-to-indoor propagation model for conditions where indoor floor plans are not well known. These new features, which update Wireless InSite to Release 2.7, include Parameter Uncertainty, Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE), a Modified COST Building Penetration Model, and a Culvert Geometry Editor. The Parameter Uncertainty function allows users to apply a Monte Carlo approach to calculate EM ray paths, generating values for minimum, maximum, mean, median, and standard deviation of received power, path gain, and path loss. The MPE function calculates MPE values and allows operators to compare them to the safety thresholds defined by the IEEE Standard C95.1-2005. The Modified COST Building Penetration Model allows simulations of outdoor-to-indoor EM propagation when a building's interior floor plan is not known. It calculates received power, path loss and path gain at receiver positions within the building. The Culvert Geometry Editor helps create simple straight culverts or culverts within a single 45- or 90-deg. bend. This tool provides control over the culvert’s length, diameter, and the number of sides in the culvert’s circumference.

Remcom, Inc., 315 South Allen St., Ste. 416, State College, PA 16801; (814) 861-1299.

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