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3D EM Simulation Software Adds EMI Compliance

3D EM Simulation Software Adds EMI Compliance

With the latest release of Agilent Technologies’ Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) three-dimensional (3D) simulation software, design engineers can identify and fix electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems before the production phase of the process. EMPro 2013 allows engineers to simulate the emissions of their circuits and components to make sure they are within the required common electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) levels. By catching these problems early in the process, the necessary specifications can be met from the beginning.

EMPro 2013 provides analysis based on finite-element-method (FEM) techniques, as well as FEM hybrid boundary conditions that boost speed and accuracy. Enhancements to the software’s finite-difference-time-domain (FDTD) processing increases port accuracy while accelerating the graphical processing unit (GPU). A real-time electrically connectivity tool in the main window prevents unintentional gaps between conductors and there are various graphic user interface (GUI) adjustments that enhance the experience from previous versions.

EMPro 2013 will be available for download in July, but those interested can apply for a trial version at

More information on the new release can be found at

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