Amp Adds Switches For Test Versatility

The Rohde & Schwarz BBA100 broadband amplifier system now includes a new series of switches to allow it to handle a wide range of measurement applications, including electromagnetic-compatibility (EMC) testing. The amplifier system can operate without need of external switching matrices. The new RF output switches can be used to apply the RF signal to various loads, such as clamps or antennas. The amplifiers can be specified in configurations with two inputs and one output or one input and two outputs, and also cascaded as needed.

A sample port switch automatically applies the right sample signal (forward and reflected power) to the sample ports when a frequency band is selected, for ease of use when connecting to other test instruments. The rack-mount amplifier systems operate from 9 kHz to 1 GHz with power levels to 500 W, with a software-upgradable system controller. The amplifier features a number of remote-control connections, including GPIB, USB, Ethernet, and optical Ethernet.

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