QuickChat: State of the Art in Microwave Device Packaging

July 31, 2023
Doug Jorgesen of Marki Microwave and David Maliniak of Microwaves & RF sit down to discuss the ins and outs of microwave packaging, from common challenges to materials and techniques that work best for various applications across the industry.

Microwave packaging is something that you can’t learn in school, and professors don’t publish research about it. Packaging is industrial black magic and know how, so the only way to learn it is by working in the industry and observing what everyone has figured out. Marki has been innovating in packaging for over 30 years, so it has been in the middle of many of these discussions.  

In this QuickChat, learn from Doug Jorgesen, Vice President of Applications Engineering at Marki Microwave, what makes a package "work", what's difficult about surface mount packaging, the types of packaging best suited for microwaves and connectorized components, and more.