QuickChat: How Quantic Electronics is Getting Customers to Market Faster

July 28, 2023
Jeff Hassannia of Quantic Electronics and David Maliniak of Microwaves & RF sit down to discuss what's new since introducing Quantic Electronics last May, and how Quantic is responding to current trends in the industry.

There is a renewed sense of urgency in the defense industry to shorten the timelines for new developments. Advances in technologies like GaN and 5G, coupled with the very hostile world we live in today, are driving the need to get products to market faster. It’s no longer in vogue to spend years, and exorbitant non-recurring engineering costs, to get a product to market – only to learn that the requirements have already moved on.

In this QuickChat interview, Jeff Hassannia, Chief Growth Officer at Quantic Electronics, discusses how Quantic is addressing this urgency - from our unique business model, to our rapid prototyping, to the investments in infrastructure and acquisitions. To learn more, visit www.quanticnow.com