QuickChat: RF reliability testing in compound and wide-bandgap semiconductors

Nov. 11, 2022
Sponsored by Accel-RF

The reliability of compound or wide-bandgap semiconductors has come a long way in recent years, but if we look back 20 years ago or so, RF reliability testing for such devices was bogged down in qualifying immature technologies and trying to prove their intrinsic reliability. But now that technologies like gallium nitride have matured, RF devices are making their way into consumer markets in a ton of applications.

What that means, in turn, is that the scope of reliability testing that’s required to make sure end products bring quality to the table is increasing in its own right. Now testing needs have evolved beyond intrinsic reliability characteristics to encompass second-order effects that are specific to given applications. And not only that, but testing must cover quality assurance and extrinsic reliability concerns.

In this QuickChat, learn from Roland Shaw, President of Accel-RF, about how RF reliability testing for compound or wide bandgap semiconductors has evolved, and how these developments are relevant in today's market.