NXP Boosts Portfolio With Jennic Acquisition

NXP SEMICONDUCTORS has acquired Jennic, a developer of lowpower RF solutions. The firm's solutions target wireless applications in the smartenergy, environment, logistics, and consumer markets. NXP paid approximately $12.2 million to acquire 100 percent ownership of Jennic shares. It will pay up to $7.8 million in additional consideration over the next two years if Jennic meets performance targets.

Jennic's portfolio of IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee low-power RF solutions will be integrated across a range of NXP's mixed-signal products. The solutions give NXP a comprehensive wireless semiconductor platform for emerging technologies including eMetering, smart lighting, building automation, asset tracking, and device remote controls. Integrating Jernnic's complementary short-range wireless technology will expand NXP's RF product portfolio, meeting increasing market demand for low-power RF solutions.

"Innovation in low-power wireless RF technology is driving significant demand for exciting new applications and usage models across a range of industries," says Rick Clemmer, President and CEO of NXP Semiconductors. "The low-power RF solutions for wireless applications that Jennic has developed have set a benchmark for driving down power performance. These also represent a great example of high-performance mixed-signal technology, which will enable us to jointly target growth markets and offer a range of wireless semiconductor solutions."

"We strongly believe that 802.15.4 short-range wireless technology has potential to enable a number of new applications, and replace traditional communications across a range of industries," states Alexander Everke, Executive Vice President and General Manager, High Performance Mixed Signal business unit, NXP Semiconductors. "The benefits of networking technology with low set-up and operation costs are significant. And by integrating Jennic's solutions, we are able to offer a range of long- and short-range wireless platforms to meet any customer requirement."

Approximately 50 of Jennic's UKbased employees will transfer to NXP. NXP's worldwide distribution channels and customer base will allow Jennic's short-range wireless products to become available to a broader range of global customers, increasing scale and opportunities for its low-power RF range.

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