Portable Analyzers Measure PIM

Portable Analyzers Measure PIM

The iHA Series of “Companion” passive intermodulation (PIM) analyzers are portable, battery-powered test instruments for checking PIM levels. Different models provide different transmit and receive frequencies. Each analyzer is a compact 14 × 9 × 3.5 in. (350 × 230 × 90 mm) and weighs 11 lb (5 kg) and runs for about 1 hr on a 25.9-Vdc rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Model iHA-0850B has fixed transmit frequencies of 894 and 870 MHz and a receive frequency of 846 MHz. Model 0900B (for GSM900) has transmit frequencies of 935 and 960 MHz and a receive frequency of 910.1 MHz. Model 1900B (for PCS1900) has transmit frequencies of 1,930 and 1,990 MHz and a receive frequency of 1,870 MHz. The transmitters feature typical frequency accuracy of ±100 ppm with their two fixed tones, each at 4 W (36 dBm) output power and ±1-dB output-power flatness. The receivers offer a measurement range of –80 to –130 dBm, with a measurement noise floor of –134 dBm. The portable analyzers can record data directly to a laptop computer using an interface cable and software.

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