Gilbert Elected To US National Academy Of Engineering

BARRIE GILBERT, a Technology Fellow with Analog Devices, Inc., has been elected to the US National Academy of Engineering (NAE). Gilbert, who directs engineering at the Northwest Labs in Beaverton, OR, is being honored by the NAE for his contributions to the field of analog circuit design. The Gilbert cell, a versatile analog function block, has served as the foundational design for the circuits used in today's communications systems. Since its invention in 1967, what is known as the Gilbert mixer' has become ubiquitous in radio transmitters and receivers. A related circuit, known as the Gilbert multiplier, revolutionized the implementation of this mathematical analog function and became the first paper in the Journal of Solid-State Circuits to be cited 100 times. Also notable is Gilbert's pioneering work on three radically different types of variable-gain amplifiersthe H-AMP, X-AMP, and Z-AMP, which are now used to enable ultrasound image capture in other medical imaging applications as well as RF power measurement and control. He opened new business lines based on novel IC conceptsparticularly the integrated logarithmic amplifiers and RMS-to-DC converters. Recently, Gilbert pioneered new forms of translinear logarithmic amplifiers for use in optical instrumentation in fiber-based communications systems. Gilbert will be inducted into the NAE during the academy's annual meeting on October 5 in Irvine, CA.

IW, Inc.JOHN MORELLI has been appointed Vice President of New Business Development of IW's Microwave Product Division. He assumed the position of President on April 1. Morelli was formerly with SV Microwave in a senior management position.
Harris Stratex NetworksMICHAEL PANGIA appointed Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer; formerly Senior Vice President of Global Sales Operations and Strategy at Nortel.
Shared Spectrum CompanyTHOMAS STROUP named Chief Executive Officer; formerly CEO of SquareLoop, Inc. DR. MARK MCHENRY, founder of the company, continues as President and Chief Technical Officer.
EPCOSJOACHIM ZICHLARZ appointed to the management board and serves as Chief Financial Officer; he succeeds Helmut Knig.
D.B. Management GroupROBERT TARZWELL joined D.B. Management Group LLC in a strategic alliance. He will show companies how to develop high-technology products.
Xiocom WirelessTROY RICHARDSON appointed Chief Executive Officer; formerly President since 2007. He succeeds JEFF SPENCER, who was appointed Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors; he has been a board member since the company's inception in 2007.
KSW Microtec AGDR. HEIKO FRBER appointed Chief Financial Officer; formerly held CFO roles at Budget and QSIL as well as a senior partnership in a corporate finance and investment company.

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