Instrument Amp Levels 1000 MHz

Instrument Amp Levels 1000 MHz

Long known as a leading supplier of compact RF/microwave components, Mini-Circuits recently unveiled a slightly larger product aimed at test applications: the model TVA-R5-13 RF instrumentation amplifier. It provides generous gain from 0.5 to 1000.0 MHz—typically 41 dB, and no less than 35 dB—with typical gain flatness of ±1 dB across the full frequency range. It achieves +35 dBm typical output power at 1-dB compression with a typical output third-order-intercept point of +40 dBm across the full frequency range. The rugged amplifier offers typical reverse isolation of 80 dB and a noise figure of typically 8 dB. The input VSWR is typically 1.50:1 and the output VSWR is typically 2.50:1.

The versatile amplifier includes a built-in power supply that can be switched between 110 or 220 VAC power sources. It also incorporates built-in cooling and automatic protection circuitry that will first warn a user of an over-power/over-heating situation, then shut the unit down to prevent damage. It is rated for +7 dBm maximum RF input power and operating temperatures from 0 to +55°C. It measures 9.8 x 6.7 x 4.8 in. (248.9 x 170.2 x 121.9 mm), weighs 3.4 kg, and includes a single-strap carrying handle for ease of transport. BNC-to-Type-N coaxial adapters are included. The instrumentation amplifier is priced at a reasonable $1495 each in quantities of 1 to 9 pieces.

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