Extra Defense For Mobile Devices

July 11, 2012

Conducting business over commercial cell phone networks has become an increasing risky proposition, particularly when your job necessitates the sharing of sensitive information. To address this threat, General Dynamics C4 Systems (www.generaldynamics.com) is integrating its defense-grade cyber and information security technologies into Samsung’s (www.samsung.com) line of smartphones and tablets.

Known as the Samsung Approved for Enterprise (SAFE) line, these devices are being targeted to customers ranging from government and law enforcement agencies to financial and utility personnel—essentially, any entity whose employees need to browse the public Internet as well as access secure networks. The secure technologies being integrating into the Samsung products are similar to those utilized for the US Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, federal agencies, and coalition partners to secure classified information.

In total, 20 different SAFE devices are being made available across all major US carriers, addressing different price points and form factors. In addition, all will be upgraded with Samsung’s new Secure Android platform. Expected to be made available by mid-2013, the devices will be sold directly by General Dynamics, as well as through government contract vehicles [including the General Services Administration (GSA; www.gsa.gov)].

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