Cable Assemblies Keep PIM At Bay

July 11, 2012
When passive intermodulation (PIM) is a potential problem, the new SRX line of cable assemblies from San-tron can provide the solution.

When passive intermodulation (PIM) is a potential problem, the new SRX™ line of cable assemblies from San-tron can provide the solution. Designed for extremely low levels of PIM, these cables are formed with flexible-141, conformable-141, and semirigid RG-402 raw cable and a variety of terminating connector types, including SMA, Type N, 7/16, and TNC connectors. The cables show typical PIM levels of better than -157 dBc and can handle operating temperatures to +125ºC. The flexible versions of the low-PIM cable assemblies feature power-handling capabilities to 150 W at 2.5 GHz and suffer minimal insertion loss, with attenuation of 22 dB per 100 ft. of cable. The flexible cable assemblies can achieve a bend radius of only 0.2 in.

The cable assemblies are available in a variety of lengths, for short to long runs. For flame-retardant requirements, SRX assemblies employ TCOM-400-FR cables. For plenum-rated installations, they feature SFT-393 cables with a temperature rating to +165ºC. For short runs and jumper applications, the firm builds low-PIM assemblies with TCOM-240TM cable, to reach power levels of 160 W at 2.5 GHz, with attenuation of 13 dB per 100 ft. and a bend radius of 2.5 in. These assemblies handle operating temperatures to +85ºC and deliver PIM performance of -155 dBc.

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