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Microwaves & RF Experts

Welcome to the Microwaves & RF experts Page. This page includes a list of experts from around the globe that contribute content on a regular basis. Browse the list, view their content, and connect with them. If you are interested in joining the community, please send an email to [email protected] and introduce yourself.


Ken Karnofsky

Expertise: Signal Processing Applications, Software, Data Analysis

Ken Karnofsky is senior strategist for signal processing applications at MathWorks. Throughout his 20-year career—first with BBN Technologies, and then with MathWorks—Karnofsky has been involved in the development and marketing of software for signal processing and data analysis technologies. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in systems engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Ulrich Rohde

Expertise: Low-Phase-Noise-Oscillators, Frequency Synthesizers

His work on low-phase-noise oscillators and frequency synthesizers is well known in this industry, which has often been covered by this magazine over the years. Dr. Rohde works closely with Synergy Chief Scientist Dr. Ajay Kumar Poddar on the technical direction of Synergy along with his wife, Meta, who is President of Synergy Microwave Corp. and manages the business end of the company.

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Alexander Chenakin

Expertise: Advanced Signal-Generator Products, Frequency Analysis

Dr. Alexander Chenakin, vice president, advanced technologies at Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc., is responsible for overseeing the development of advanced signal-generator products. Chenakin is well recognized in the field of frequency synthesis. In 2009, he received the ARMMS RF & Microwave Society’s Best Contribution award for his work on fast-switching frequency synthesizers. His professional achievements have been widely presented in trade publications and international conferences. Chenakin has written more than 40 technical articles, holds two U.S. patents, and is the author of Frequency Synthesizers: Concept to Product. He is a senior IEEE member and has been an invited speaker for several IEEE-sponsored events.

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