ADCs Capture Medical Signals

ADCs Capture Medical Signals

A trio of high-resolution octal analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) offers low-power operation for medical and ultrasound applications. Models HMCAD1102, HMCAD1101, and HMCAD1100 offer sampling rates from 20 to 80 MSamples/s. Both 12- and 14-b LVDS output modes are available and can be selected through the SPI control interface. The converters are pin compatible with the ADS527x and ADS528x families from Texas Instruments, with power dissipation of only 40 mW per channel at 50 MSamples/s, including LVDS outputs. The signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) performance at 50 MSamples/s is typically 72.2 dB for a 8-MHz input at 14-b resolution, with worst-case performance of 71 dB. All three ADCs can be evaluated with the Hittite EasySuite evaluation kits: EKIT01-HMCAD1102, EKIT01-HMCAD1101, and EKIT01-AD1100, respectively. The HMCAD1102, HMCAD1101, and HMCAD1100 ADCs are housed in a 9 x 9 mm plastic leadless surface mount package and provide excellent temperature stability over the -40 to +85C temperature range.

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