WiMAX Forum Adds To Regulatory Database

The WiMAX Forum, in partnership with AT4 wireless, has announced new features on the WiMAX Forum Spectrum and Regulatory Database. The database provides WiMAX Forum member companies with worldwide spectrum licensing and regulatory requirements. Added features include the capability of creating a personal user profile that allows WiMAX Forum members to subscribe or unsubscribe in order to receive specific messages and newsletters; information on regional organizations; and a monthly newsletter with the latest news concerning WiMAX technology, markets, and regulations. According to Tim Hewitt, WiMAX Forum Regulatory Working Group Chair, "I am confident that these additional features will further enhance its value to WiMAX Forum members and will also prove useful to the growing number of regulatory observers involved with our activities." The new features will be implemented by the end of July. The WiMAX Forum is a nonprofit industry group concerned with proliferating WiMAX technology and products while AT4 Wireless, the former CETECOM Spain, is an independent test lab for wireless technologies and products.

WiMAX Forum (www.wimaxforum.org) AT4 wireless (www.at4wireless.com)

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