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Telecom Opportunities in China?

China has been viewed by the United States and many countries throughout the world as one of the last great frontiers for business. China's efforts at modernization, for example, have resulted in a push for cellular handsets in every citizen's hands, with a resulting boom in telecommunications business throughout the country during the last decade. One of the news items below, based on a report from iSuppli Corp., covers the growth of the mobile telecommunications industry in China for the next several years. The numbers appearing in the report are very large, which would prompt the interest of American and other businesses seeking to be a part of the technological (and commercial) revolution in China.

Unfortunately, the names of the four key telecommunications suppliers all start with the word "China," indicating where the business opportunities lie. Certainly, some foreign companies will have an opportunity to "share" their technology as part of this growth. But, in the end, it will be the national companies that serve the customers share in the benefits of the nation's growth into new technologies.

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