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New Bluetooth Standard Aims at 3 Mb/s

Bluetooth, the well-known "wireless cable" standard for short-range communications and ad hoc networking, apparently can handle higher data rates than previously expected. Two leading suppliers of Bluetooth integrated circuits (ICs), Silicon Wave (San Diego, CA) and Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR, Cambridge, England) announced that they have successfully performed interoperability testing for medium-rate Bluetooth devices using both the 2 and 3 Mb/s data-rate modes. This past February 3rd in San Francisco, CA, the two companies concluded a series of collaborative test events believed to be the first of their kind towards gaining commercial acceptance for medium-rate Bluetooth functionality. Medium-rate Bluetooth is an evolution of the current Bluetooth standard to higher data rates, including 2 and 3 Mb/s. (The data rate of the current Bluetooth V1.2 specification is up to 1 Mb/s.) The tests covered all aspects of the physical layer through the baseband and link manager functionality and included successful testing of all three data modes (3, 2, and 1 Mb/s). Based on this extensive interoperability testing, the companies believe that the medium rate specifications are complete. Silicon Wave and CSR have both been major contributors to the development of the medium-rate specification and these tests highlight the important role both companies are playing in its development

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