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Modulator Driver Targets 40-Gb/s Lightwave Systems

Despite the current emphasis on wireless networks, fiber optics still provide greater bandwidth for point-to-point communications services. These lightwave systems rely on products like the FO-MDA-40-25G-1 lithium niobate modulator driver, which was designed to provide superior performance in the 300-pin MSA transponders employed in DPSK long-reach 40-Gb/s lightwave communication systems. By combining monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) with proprietary fabrication techniques, the FO-MDA-40-25G-1 offers a three-stage modulator driver that produces an exceptional eye pattern. The driver boasts a 3-dB bandwidth of 85 kHz to 40 GHz with 29 dB gain. It exhibits input and output return loss of 12 dB and rms additive jitter of 550 ps. The driver provides rise and fall times (20 to 80 percent and 80 to 20 percent, respectively) of 10 ps. It delivers up to 8 Vpp output power with an input voltage of 450 mVpp. The FO-MDA-40-25G-1 operates at a maximum data rate of 43 Gb/s. It features electronic eye-crossing control of 40 to 70 percent. Variable amplitude ranges from 0.5 to 8 Vpp. Production is scheduled for this quarter.

Narda Microwave-East,
435 Moreland Rd.,
Hauppauge, NY 11788;
(631) 231-1700, FAX: (631) 231-1711,

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