Ku- And Ka-Band PAs Offer Gain Above 27 dB

Ku- And Ka-Band PAs Offer Gain Above 27 dB

To satisfy both Ku-band very-small-aperture-terminal (VSAT) networks and emerging Ka-band broadband-satellite-communications applications, two new power amplifiers vow to deliver superior power and linearity performance. The Ku-band module boasts a minimum of 40 dB gain and 0.5 dB maximum gain flatness. Typical output power at 1-dB compression (P1dB) is +37 dBm while the typical output third-order intercept is +47 dBm. At +15 VDC, direct current is 2.6 A. For its part, the Ka-band module features a minimum of 27 dB gain, 1.0 dB maximum gain flatness, and typical output power of +36 dBm at 1-dB compression (P1dB). Output third-order intercept is +43 dBm typical while direct current is 5.6 A at +15 VDC. The maximum noise figures of these transmit power amplifiers measure 4.5 dB at the Ku-band and 6.0 dB at Ka-band. All units have a maximum voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) of 2.0:1 without the use of RF input or RF output isolators. These parts are also available in a benchtop, 19-in. rack-mount configuration for instrumentation applications. The rack-mount units operate off of 120 to 240 VAC and include all of the necessary AC-to-DC conversion, power-line filtering, and conditioning internal to the unit.

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