Equalizer Design Raises Uplink Performance

CAMBRIDGE, ENGLANDTo improve Long Term Evolution (LTE) uplink performance, Cambridge Consultants has developed Dual-domain Uplink Equaliser for LTE (DUEL) technology. DUEL is designed as an algorithmic and digitalsignal- processing (DSP) extension to LTE base-station receiver designs. It requires no changes to handsets, as the LTE uplink supports the transfer of information from users' terminals to the network.

Although LTE promises to deliver high data transfer rates, these can only be achieved under perfect channel conditions, such as low user mobility (walking speed or lower) and high diversity (low correlation) between receive paths at the base station.

Cambridge Consultants' patent-pending DUEL receiver vows to improve the performance of the uplink in all channel conditions. Its algorithms take advantage of properties of the LTE uplink signal path to optimize signal fidelity. As a result, it claims to work well even when the signals received by each base-station antenna are highly correlated.

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