(Image courtesy of NASA).

Skyworks Targets High-Reliability Amplifiers at Satellites

July 31, 2019
Skyworks Targets High-Reliability Amplifiers at Satellites

Skyworks Solutions has introduced its latest line of radio frequency amplifiers for aerospace and defense applications. The new parts, including a broadband low-noise amplifier (LNA) and an impedance-matched amplifier, are designed to function in the harsh environments faced by satellites, avionics and other high-reliability systems. The products are hermetically sealed and highly integrated in QFN packages.

Skyworks, which sells radio frequency components to Apple and other smartphone makers, is trying to tap into growth of satellite communications. The ability to build more compact satellites, along with a dramatic decline in launch costs, is setting the stage for another space race. The global market for satellite communications is set to grow from $4.6 billion in 2017 to $7.5 billion in 2022, according to BCC Research. 

"Skyworks is excited to introduce advanced products that operate seamlessly under severe conditions,” Achim Soelter, general manager of defense and space at Skyworks, said in a statement. “With the expansion of our portfolio, we continue to push the performance envelope, powering mission critical functions across navigation, communication and radar networks that must work day-in and day-out without fail."

Its latest broadband low-noise amplifier, the SKYH22001, is hermetically sealed and operates over a range of -55° to +125°C. The part is tuned for 700 MHz to 2.7 GHz but can be programmed up to 3.8 GHz. The other product, SKYH22002, is an integrated gain block amplifier that also operates from -55° to +125°C. The component is completely sealed and can be tuned to function from 100 MHz up to 6 GHz.