BAE Systems

BAE Aids Army with M777 Structures

Jan. 26, 2024
M777 155-mm howitzer weapons have been donated by several nations to Ukraine in its war against Russia, and BAE Systems will continue to produce key titanium structures for the howitzers.

By agreeing with the U.S. Army for M777 lightweight howitzer major structures, BAE Systems can start delivering the weapons subsystems prior to finalizing a military contract. The agreement is executed under an Undefinitized Contract Action (UCA), which is currently limited to $50 million.


BAE Systems will work with its supply chains in the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States to produce the rugged parts. The titanium structures are a major part of the howitzers (see image above), due for delivery starting in 2025. Finalization of the contract creates optimum conditions for M777 production in the UK and possible new customers for the weapons systems.

John Borton, vice-president and general manager of BAE Systems Weapons Systems UK, which manages the manufacture and assembly of the M777 lightweight howitzers, said, “This restart of production of the major structures for the U.S. Army’s M777s comes at a critical time, with howitzers deployed on operations in Ukraine.” 

In reference to Ukraine’s war with Russia, he added, “The M777 will remain at the forefront of artillery technology well into the future through the use of technical insertions, long-range precision guided munition developments, and flexible mobility options.”

Several countries, including Australia, Canada, and the U.S., have donated M777s to Ukraine. The M777 systems are about one-half the weight of other 155-mm towed howitzer systems.