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Interface Adds Reach to Modular Radio System

May 19, 2023
The PacStar 421 tactical radio module from Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions division features REDCOM XRI technology and interface to link older and newer tactical radios as well as radios used by government and public safety professionals.

The Defense Solutions division of Curtiss-Wright Corp. introduced the latest addition to its PacStar 400 series of tactical computing modules, the PacStar 421 module. It includes REDCOM eXtended Radio Interoperability (XRI) technology from REDCOM Laboratories Inc. in the form of a REDCOM Sigma XRI interface.

The interface enables compatibility among older and newer radio technologies, such as radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) and voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) radios. Developed in partnership with REDCOM, the interface supports communications among different user groups, including military troops, government agencies, and public service units.

By combining with supporting modules in a tactical server, such as Curtiss-Wright’s PacStar 451 server module, the PacStar 421 module enables a direct Ear and Mouth (E+M) interface to tactical radios (see image above). The modules are designed to work together for communications with other radio systems and be controlled via REDCOM Sigma C2 Console application software, providing another level of control flexibility for radio system designers.

Dominic Perez, chief technical officer for Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions division, explains, “The combination of PacStar and REDCOM technologies gives operators the best of both worlds, delivering a proven full-featured C2 platform that uses a single interface for controlling RoIP and SIP endpoints and for voice, video, and chat.”

REDCOM strategic lead John Kelliher added, “PacStar and REDCOM have worked closely together for several years, but this is the first time we have executed joint development to create a fully integrated product. Integrating REDCOM C2 technology with PacStar's modular systems greatly reduces complexity while allowing users to leverage multiple, disparate means of communication to ensure interoperability in complex and contested combat environments.”

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