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Panel-Mount Connectors Hold Fast in Space Systems

April 28, 2022
Small, square, panel-mount electrical connectors in the 369 series are sealed for protection against moisture in hostile operating environments.

Aerospace and aviation systems are among the tightest and most hostile spaces for interconnectivity of electronic modules and subsystems. Fortunately, TE Connectivity has developed a rugged but lightweight sealed panel-mount connector for such operating environments.

Comprised of composite materials that meet the low-smoke, toxicity, and flammability requirements of the aerospace industry, the 369 series connectors provide a fully sealed, triple-wire electrical interface with a “cork-in-bottle” configuration designed for high performance and reliability even in high-moisture operating environments.

Clint Schlosser, product manager for TE’s Aerospace, Defense and Marine division, said, “The 369 series sealed panel-mount connector is fully compatible with existing 369 connectors, yet brings many enhanced features. It provides both space and weight savings compared to traditional circular connectors and is incredibly versatile with features like simple push-in mounting and a positive button latching mechanism with an audible click.”

The connectors easily fit to line-replaceable-unit (LRU) panels and other mounting structures commonly found in aerospace and avionics systems applications. The rectangular shape (see figure) simplifies stacking and wiring in tight spaces.

The 369 series connectors feature replaceable panel sealing gaskets for IP67 level of protection from both moisture and dust. They're designed and manufactured for use across operating temperatures from 55 to +175°C with a durability rating of at least 500 mating cycles. In addition to aerospace and aviation, the small-form-factor connectors provide durability for high-moisture environments in automotive and industrial applications.