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CPI’s TMD Division Earns Contract for PA Modules

Dec. 10, 2021
High-power amplification, including PAs based on vacuum tubes and solid-state devices such as this amplifier, is essential for communications links in airborne systems.

Microwave amplifications is often a vital function for military systems integrators, as the TMD Technologies Div. of Communications & Power Industries (CPI) recently demonstrated by negotiating a contract with a prime contractor for its microwave power modules (MPMs). Coming on the heels of an earlier contract for its traveling-wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs), this new contract will aid RF/microwave signal amplification in military airborne platforms. The company has excelled in the design and production of both vacuum-tube and solid-state power amplifiers (PAs), including robust modular designs based on newer semiconductor technologies such as gallium nitride (GaN) devices (see figure).

Mike Farley, vice-president of CPI’s TMD Technologies Div., said: “Valued at over $2 million, this contract is the first phase of a tailored MPM development program that will provide a key solution for multiple airborne platforms. Combining the challenging requirements of the world’s leading communications data link provider with CPI TMD Technologies’ expertise in Microwave Power Module development equates to an exciting time for our company and world-class products for our strategic customers.”

The MPMs will be customized to the requirements of the customer’s airborne systems, built to handle rigorous environmental conditions, such as extreme shock and vibration. Farley noted: “The TMD Technologies Division has unsurpassed expertise in the design and manufacture of MPMs – many of them custom models – and this capability is only be strengthened by the broad support we now have from the broader CPI design and manufacturing group since our acquisition earlier this year. We anticipate that this latest order will be the first of many for CPI MPMs utilizing CPI TWTs.”

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