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SOSA-Aligned 3U Backplanes Target Mission Computing

Feb. 16, 2021
In addition to mission computing, Elma's backplanes handle weapons, navigation, surveillance, target tracking, sensor-based systems, and environmental monitoring.

This article appeared in Military & Aerospace Electronics and has been published here with permission.

Elma Electronic Inc. introduced two 3U backplanes aligned to Snapshot 3 of the Sensor Open Standards Architecture (SOSA) for complex high-speed signal-processing systems.

The backplanes are for mission computing, weapons, navigation control, threat detection, surveillance, target tracking and display, sensor-based systems, and environmental monitoring.

Populated with or without VITA 67.3 connectors for timing and RF connectivity, the 6- and 8-slot embedded computing backplanes incorporate accommodate precision network timing plus slot profiles for single-board computers, switches, radial clocks, and expansion. All data paths support high-speed signals.

Either used as configured or customized to meet specific system needs, the SOSA-aligned backplanes offer considerable design flexibility. The extensible, modular design enables a wide range of slot counts and connection configurations.

Elma's products aligned to the SOSA technical standard strive to follow the defense industry's hardware and software convergence initiatives per the DoD's convergence initiative as laid out in the Modular Opens Systems Approach (MOSA) mandate.

Elma Electronic, www.elma.com

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