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Spain Looks to Lockheed for Aegis Combat Systems

April 27, 2020
The performance of the Aegis Combat System continues to improve by incorporating the latest technologies, such as solid-state S-band radars, for long-range threat detection.

The most widely deployed combat system in the world, the Aegis Combat System (ACS), just spread its influence a bit further. The ACS prime contractor, Lockheed Martin, recently received a 10-year, $519 million contract from Spain for the latest hardware and software based on the modernized Baseline 9C.2 version of the ACS.

The long-time weapons system has undergone constant evolution to keep pace with detecting, tracking and destroying modern threats, including high-speed cruise missiles and armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The contract is at least enough to equip five new multiple-mission Spanish frigates with the latest versions of the ACS, including its S-band radar system based on solid-state-radar technology.

The computer-controlled command-and-control weapons system has been used on the ships of the U.S. and allies for decades and has essentially undergone more than 50 years of constant evolution to keep pace with the latest threats. The 10-year contract covers spare parts, tools and test equipment needed to install and maintain the five S-band systems at optimum performance levels.

The advance computer processing capabilities within these latest Aegis systems allows them to instantly switch between ballistic missile defense and air defense modes, allowing for maximum flexibility and effectiveness when protecting a crew at sea.

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