The Jade model 71871

Digital Module Generates Four Channels to 1.25 GHz

April 10, 2020
This compact digital waveform generator uses a pair of high-speed DACs to produce four wideband signal channels with output frequencies to 1.25 GHz.

The latest addition to the Jade Architecture family of digital waveform generators from Pentek, the model 71871, is a powerful four-channel module with digital-to-analog converter (DAC) reaching 1.25 GHz.

The module is based on two model DAC3884 16-b DACs from Texas Instruments working at sampling rates to 1.25 GHz. It includes a versatile Kintex Ultrascale field-programmable gate array (FPGA) from Xilinx that supports generation of waveforms from on-board and off-board memory sources. Output waveforms with as much as 250 MHz bandwidth can be independently generated by the four channels.

“The Jade Model 71871 builds on the capabilities of the popular Jade line of XMCs,” said Robert Sgandurra, Pentek’s director of product management. “Pentek’s Navigator Design Suite adds more IP with each product release, all of which is fully available to our customers for even more effective product development.”

The waveform generator is designed for rugged operating environments and for air- and conduction-cooled systems. It is available with different FPGAs depending upon the demands of an application, with the highest level of signal-processing capabilities well suited for beamforming, modulation, encoding and encryption of signals prior to transmission.

The most advanced FPGAs are part of the most expensive solutions, with lower-cost FPGAs available as part of the tradeoffs in meeting simpler signal-processing requirements. The waveform generator can be supplied with several types of connectors, including μSync connectors that allow multiple modules to be synchronized.

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