U.S. Army North
U.S. Army North emergency response

L2 Defense Supports U.S. Army North Training

March 4, 2020
L2 Defense has been awarded a four-year IDIQ contract by the DoD to aid in the training of U.S. Army North for improved homeland security.

The U.S. Army North is an invaluable arm of the country’s land forces dedicated to homeland protection. Working with civil authorities and the joint armed forces, these troops began life almost 80 years ago during World War II in French Morocco as the Fifth Army, and they continue to provide life-saving operations across the country, also working with Canadian and Mexican authorities.

To aid with their continuing education in applying technology to emergency response operations. The Department of Defense (DoD) recently awarded a prime contract to L2 Defense, Inc. to support training and exercises for the U.S. Army North Civil Support Training Activity (CSTA). The four-year indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) contract has a ceiling of $49.4 million.

L2 Defense is known for their capabilities in training, engineering and logistics support for first responders and military personnel and will assist with the coordination, management and execution of nationwide training and exercise events for the U.S. Army’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Response Enterprise as part of the terms of the IDIQ contract. The contract will cover more than 200 training events each year, with the education provided to thousands of different soldiers. The training and support will ensure the readiness of close to 20,000 soldiers in response to domestic chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high-yield explosive (CBRNE) events. The U.S. Army North works with civil authorities at local, state and federal levels to handle emergencies.

“We are excited and honored that ARNORTH CSTA continues to entrust us with this critical and complex mission,” said Sam Lennon, L2 Defense’s chief executive officer. “This award is a testament to L2’s capabilities, resources and relationships.”

Rich Murphy, L2’s senior vice president for Emergency Management Programs, a retired Fire Chief and long-time service provider for both military and first responder training programs, added his enthusiasm for the contract: “We look forward to continuing our support to CSTA in providing realistic and comprehensive training for our soldiers and their partners in this very important Homeland Response mission.”

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