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Shielded PCs

TEMPEST Shielding Keeps Signal Information Safe

Jan. 14, 2020
The high level of shielding for these devices keep them safe even in the most challenging electromagnetic (EM) environments.

Modular electronic design approaches usually lead to flexible functionality. They can also lead to the TEMPEST-level shielding required to use a PC in a military application. With its modular assembly approach, Equipto Electronics has developed a method for assembling a computer with a customer-specified motherboard that is certified to the strictest standard in the industry for devices operating in NATO Zone 0 environment, the NATO SDIP-27 Level A. Despite meeting the demanding shielding requirements, the computer is a commercial product and follows military guidelines for commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) cost savings.

TEMPEST-level shielding prevents a computer or other electronic device from emanating electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that may contain sensitive or classified information. These shielded computers customer specified ATX motherboards, the latest (i7) microprocessors, Microsoft Windows OS, a card reader for extra security, fiber port options, DB9/DB37 connectors, and high-performance power line filter. The shielded computer system measures: 18.50 × 6.65 × 17.50 in.

These shielded PCs represent the latest installment of the company’s family of systems provided within enclosures with EMI and radio-frequency-interference (RFI) shielding. Each enclosure is custom-sized and fitted with an array of exclusive features to accommodate different mission requirements. The product lines are RoHS (lead-free) compliant and can meet strict FCC broadcast requirements as well as the TEMPEST shielding requirements.

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