CSR Awards BRTF Status By Bluetooth SIG

Cambridge, UKCSR (www.csr.com) has achieved recognition by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) as a Bluetooth Recognized Test Facility (BRTF). CSR's test facilities are now regarded as having developed to the point where it can entirely test its own firmware, rather than using an external testing house. BRTF status means that CSR can help customers get their products to market faster, thereby reinforcing CSR's continued expertise in Bluetooth.

BRTFs are organizations recognized by the Bluetooth SIG as being able to perform Category A' tests as defined by the SIG's Test Case Reference List and Test Plan Generator (TCRL and TPG). BRTFs may only perform tests on behalf of their own company.

CSR's ability to act as a BRTF means that it can maintain closer control of test procedures and provide a faster and more flexible approach, passing on time and cost savings to its customers. CSR is now able to deliver the complete end-to-end package of silicon, firmware, development tools and testing.

BRTF status requires strict adherence to qualification criteria, and is only awarded to very few companies. Bluetooth pioneer CSR is currently one of only three companies listed by the Bluetooth SIG as having qualified. CSR maintains a close relationship with the SIG in order to remain up-to-date on all proposed developments of the Bluetooth standard.

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