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Automotive SerDes Chips Add MIPI A-PHY Performance

July 12, 2023
Valens’ new family of MIPI A-PHY-enhanced serializers/deserializers brings multi-gig connectivity to automotive sensors and displays.

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The global MIPI A-PHY standard is an asymmetric SerDes interface that provides high-performance links between automotive image sensors and displays and their associated electronic control units (ECUs). It was designed to simplify the integration of sensors and displays for automotive applications, including ADAS, digital cockpits, infotainment centers, and autonomous-driving systems.

Leveraging MIPI A-PHY, Valens Semiconductor’s recently released VA7000 chipset provides multi-gig asymmetric connectivity and is designed to extend CSI-2-based sensors such as cameras, LiDAR, radar, and more. The chipset family offers a pair of serializers—the VA7031 and VA7021—and a pair of deserializers—the VA7044 and VA7042, which provide link speeds of up to 8 Gb/s.

The ICs operate over standard vehicle wires at a maximum length of 15 meters (50 feet) via coax using shielded differential pair with four inline connectors or unshielded twisted pair wiring for 10 meters (33 feet) with four inline connectors.

Check out the other 2023 IDEA Award Nominees.

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